The 6 CMS That Can Enhance Your Business

A CMS (content management system) is a piece of software that enables you to handle content creation with ease.

If you have little programming knowledge and want to create content quickly than leveraging a CMS is a good option for you.

There are hundreds of CMS frameworks to choose from, which may make picking the right CMS feel a bit overwhelming.

Worry not! I'm here to help, I'll showcase the most popular CMS frameworks available, as well as what sets each one apart from rest.

After this article, you'll be able to choose a CMS best fit for your business needs!

Let's get started!


The most common and well known CMS is WordPress holding over 60% of the market. This is the framework that most businesses use.

WordPress is based on MySQL and PHP, and it’s packed with powerful tools that help create a highly functional website consisting of images, videos, written content, and more.

Initially considered to be a blogging platform, now it has evolved well beyond that point.

It houses a wide range of themes and plugins which help customize the content according to your preferences.

When it comes to content management, WordPress provides a top-notch experience overall.


In the debate over the best CMS, Joomla is placed alongside WordPress very often.

While WordPress is considered more beginner-friendly, Joomla outruns all of its competitors when it comes to it's flexible and versatile nature.

For Instance, managing ‘custom post types’ is very easy using the Joomla CMS.

For a website that puts heavy emphasis on it's media content rather than on text content, Joomla is the best option.

The framework also provides a lot of options for user management. This aspect is very useful to create websites that require membership-based functionalities.


In debates on the right open-source CMS, Drupal is another framework that holds a great deal of weight.

Although it lags in market share behind Joomla and WordPress, that doesn't make it any less impressive.

In many aspects, Drupal offers the same functionality as Joomla.

For instance, it provides a very versatile framework for dealing with customized posts.

It also provides a high level of user permissions and access control, additionally, it proves to be very effective in handling multilingual websites out of the box.


Wix is a hosted CMS platform, great for creating mobile-friendly and HTML5 websites.

Wix is a good choice for beginners. The drag and drop GUI of Wix makes it very easy to build pages that look exactly as you like.

You can pick, and start editing, any section of your website. It is also renowned for its outstanding service and swift maintenance.

Wix is also packed with a variety of ecommerce modules, such as inventory monitoring and coupon codes.


Squarespace is another hosted CMS platform, and came into the market at around the same time as WordPress.

The key distinction is that it is not open source, so the software cannot be downloaded and installed on your server

It's an advanced website designing software, forum for blogging, and reliable hosting service all in one place.

Similar to WordPress, you can use custom themes and build a website using images, videos and text.

Custom CMS:

A custom CMS is also a good choice for the personalized needs of a company.

These custom coded CMS solutions give your business full control in regards to what's programmed, such that it's all completely in accordance to your requirements.

A custom CMS can ultimately be anything you want it to be, with no limitations in sight, you're at full liberty of how you choose to convey your business to the world.

Time is Money, Money is Time

From the discussion above, we can conclude that selecting a CMS depends entirely on the nature of your business.

You can go for an open-source CMS, or a hosted CMS, it’s entirely up to you.

However, if you, like many other business owners, just don't have the time to create a website regardless of coding involved...

Then your next best bet is working with a professional that will completely handle the whole process from start to finish for you.

If that's the case, and you need no-hassle quality results, let's get in touch