SEO is a technique used by Google (& other search engines) to identify which website is worthy of positioning on the first pages of search results.

The more visitors your site has, the better the chances your site ranks well on search engines.

Web users often look at search engine results as certification when it comes to business or shopping.

Your site's ranking is directly connected to visits and search result clicks, and directly responsible for bringing more organic customers to your page (and potentially more sales!).

Let's talk about how to take your SEO game to the next level!

On-page SEO:

On-page SEO is the optimization performed on your page or website.

Using On-page SEO you create a more valuable and usable website for your users.

This in turn leads to more traffic, higher search rankings, and higher conversion rate.

It may be time consuming, but once your SEO strategy gets off the ground, it will make your ranking and conversions soar!

Here's a few On-page SEO strategies you should consider:

  • Content Optimization (keywords, schema, value)
  • Generating internal & external links
  • Optimizing URL
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Loading speed

Often times business owners aren't entirely sure where and how to start implementing the above list of strategies

If you feel the same way, professional assistance can help fill the gaps, and give you the desired results at a fraction of the time.

So if you need help getting your SEO up and running, just send me a quick message, and let's get you setup!

The Power of Analytics

It's really not a stretch to say that analytics is one of the best free tools in your SEO arsenal.

Why? Well, just by utilizing it, you're able to easily identify ways to make your business reach more customers.


By leveraging the power of data!

With analytics incorporated, everything that occurs on your site can be seamlessly tracked!

You can identify how users arrived on your site, visitor preferences, behaviour, search patterns, and much more!

Utilizing this data then enables you to refine and optimize your site, so that it better functions in exact accordance to your goals!

It earned it's spot on this list, by giving you a way to see what works in bringing more visitors to your site, and what keeps them from leaving!

Analytics: Let's Talk Metrics:

By having analytics on your site, you're able to get an immense range of statistical data, this includes:

  • Total traffic and source of maximum traffic.
  • Pages visited and time spent on each page.
  • Which page users exit from.
  • Most frequently used buttons.
  • Which segment of the traffic completes the desired operation and converts.
  • Type of devices used most: tablets, mobiles or pcs
  • The location of your visitors and the browser being used to render the website.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, analytics really gives you so much value at the low low price of FREE!

Don't have analytics on your site?

Let's fix that ASAP, just send me a message and you'll have analytics setup for your business immediately!

A/B Testing

What's the best way to identify what works and what doesn't?

Testing! But that's kind of a broad answer, let's be more specific!

A/B Testing is specialized testing - it allows you to test 2 versions of the same page (with unique differences on both), and see which one performs better.

Very cost-effective strategy, and can even be setup with Google Analytics.

The possibilities to analyze and optimize your website’s pages are endless! You can test:

  • different call to actions
  • images
  • languages
  • content
  • colour swaps

Doing various experiments allows you to pinpoint what works!

Which in turn results in better onpage SEO!

Keywords Are Immensely Important

Keywords are topics and ideas that describe the nature of your content.

These keywords are the phrases and words that web surfers put in their search engine.

As you may have guessed however, some keywords are better than others.

And some are much more competitive than others!

Here's what makes the ideal keyword:

  • Good Search Volume (a lot of users search the keyword)
  • Low to Moderate Competition (not many other businesses use the keyword)

As a website and business owner, you need relevant keywords that fit the above criteria in order to best benefit from search engines.

Having a professionally built site with proper use of keywords is what SEO is all about, and will give you a better standing in search engine results.

Less Competition - Long-tail Keywords

As discussed above, one of the best ways to succeed with keywords is by using keywords that are both popular for searchers, and aren't completely taken by businesses.

Sometimes finding these keywords is hard, so here's a trick to make it easier.

Use Long-tail keywords!

These are keywords that are more specific compared to other keyword types.

Due to this they have comparatively lower search volume and lower competition.

Typically, these keywords are 3+ words in length e.g. “woollen dress for winter”.

By using these, you're able to get more traffic from the keywords your competitors haven't touched!

It's also observed that whenever a consumer uses more specific long-tail keywords, since they're going out of their way to search for a specific phrase, the chance of conversion (buying) is higher!

So it's definitely encouraged to leverage long-tail keywords where applicable!


All the links that point to your website from other websites make up what's known as Backlinks.

In the eyes of search engines, backlinks are considered your website's "votes".

The greater number of votes (backlinks) the more your site is considered authentic, and ranked higher on search engines.

But you may be wondering, how does one go about getting backlinks?

Well here's a couple ways:

  • have quality/unique content that other sites feel compelled to share.
  • contact site owners (within your niche) that currently link out to 404 pages, and suggest they link to you instead.
  • make infographics!
  • guest post on other sites.

Backlinks are a major factor of SEO, and can be a deciding factor in regards to whether your page even makes it onto a search engine's search results!

So don't neglect backlinks when designing your SEO strategy.

SEO: More Traffic From Search Engines

SEO is a cost-effective marketing tool, effective for businesses of all sizes.

It's such an integral part of gaining traffic that any business lacking a SEO strategy severely minimizes their gains.

Having a professionally developed website coupled with a good SEO strategy can result in immense business.

With billions of people using search engines each day, how can a business afford not to capitalize on this golden opportunity!

Deciding to leverage SEO is an absolute no-brainer!